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Destin, Florida Panhandle is home to 24 miles of white quartz sand, dipped in sparkling, clear water from the Gulf of Mexico. When you're trying to find the best beach destination in Florida for your next vacation, the amazing sea creatures of the Gulf Coast don't come to mind.

This tropical beach resort has been attracting boaters to its shores for years and you will find a wide range of activities for all ages, from kayaking and fishing to kayaking and snorkeling. There are also many Florida road trips that you can search for locations in Northwest Florida that are stops along your route. Some things you definitely want to visit are: Lost Coast Beach Resort, Destin Beach Park and Destins Beach Club. It's fun for adults and children alike, with shows, theme parks and parasailing tours, but it's also great for adults.

If you plan to visit at this time of year, make sure you include some activities in your destination route. October is also known as the most popular month for fishing and fishing events in the state of Florida. So if you happen to be in Destin in October and love saltwater fishing, you can enjoy the Destins Fishing Rodeo. Please note that you should read all other travel reports about Destina, Florida and the rest of the Gulf of Mexico for more information. Visit TripShock's Desten blog and sign up in a few weeks for a full list of activities for your trip to the Florida Keys.

Visit Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort to find a great place to stay and enjoy your destination holiday. The climate is ideal for golfing all year round, with a variety of opportunities including the award-winning Sand Sin. For more ideas, read our guide to activities in Dest, Florida all year round.

If you want to tick a trip to Destin, Florida on your budget list, this resort is your first choice. If you love beaches, you will find a wide selection of restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, restaurants and more.

There are many attractions in Destin, Florida that will keep you busy and colorful restaurants where the whole family will be happy. Florida's attractions offer fast, mobile fun, but you can also be calm and serene, so look for this unpredictable destination.

Here is a map of Destin that shows all the attractions and recommended holiday homes mentioned in the Fort Walton Beach area. You will find that this city has many restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and even a few bars and restaurants. Okaloosa Island Beach tends to be less crowded and is only a short drive from the city centre and major tourist attractions. You will find a variety of restaurants and bars with great food, live music and entertainment, as well as great beaches.

You and your family can zip along the coast and explore the beautiful and diverse ecosystem of the Panhandle in Florida. Look out for alligators that we've scratched on the teeth to see live alligators and other wildlife.

Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa Island are both a short 5-km drive from Destin and offer family-friendly activities. Twenty minutes north of Destin, visitors can enjoy magnificent views of the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Panhandle and the Atlantic Ocean. When planning your trip, we recommend you take some time to visit one of our favorite beaches, such as Fort Walton Beach, to get an idea of what you can do in the area. If you are thinking of planning a trip to Dest in, use this information to plan activities that you and your family enjoy, and research up-to-date travel advice before you book your trips.

When you travel to a beach in Florida, check the respective website for sports events and restrictions, as each beach has different regulations. To ensure that you spend a day at the beach without a beach and that at least one of your Destin beaches is breathtaking, we recommend at least four full days in Destin to choose the activities you really want to do. If you're in Dest, you'll have to rock past Fort Walton Beach, even if you only have a bite to eat to see the beaches there.

Other nearby airports include Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, which is about an hour from Destin, and Pensacola International Airport, which is about an hour from Destin. This is about 2 hours from Fort Walton Beach. You can travel to Atlanta, New Orleans or Houston by car or extend your trip, but don't forget to fly to or from one of these airports in Florida, as they are all within a few hours of the city of Destins. You can fly or drive anywhere in Florida, even if you drive or drive, so the trip to and from Atlanta or New York or Houston can be extended.

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